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Have fun.  Make new friends.  Play games.  Explore the outdoors.  Join in this amazing Scouting adventure! 


We meet on Wednesdays from 17.30 -18.45

Beacers Climbing
Beavers Fencing

Beavers gives 6-8 year olds an opportunity to get stuck in, try new things, learn, explore and go on adventures.

What do Beavers get up to?

Each week, our Beaver colony meets up and our Beavers hop, skip and jump our way through all sorts of amazing games and activities.  Learning new skills through play, getting messy and muddy, and having lots of fun along the way.

Beavers Crate Climbing
Beavers Den Making

Being a Beaver Scout is all about growing and learning in small but mighty ways.   Beavers explore the outdoors, go on visits, discover their world, help other people and play games.  Beavers learn a range of practical skills such as cooking, first aid and fire lighting.  Beavers make friends and work as team to solve problems and face challenges.

Take a look at our gallery of what Beavers have been doing recently

Who leads Beavers?

Our amazing team of volunteers work together to make sure everyone's safe, supported, included and having fun.  Each week, our volunteers help young people gain skills for life through activities and adventures.

Working in teams, they might:

•    Come to help at a meeting and take the register
•    Run a game
•    Help to tidy up at the end of a meeting
•    Help to keep on top of who has earned and received their badges
•    Go food shopping for a camp
•    Take photos of activities


No previous experience with young people? No problem.

Whether you'd like to help out week-after-week or whenever-you-can, we provide training, learning opportunities and cups of tea – every step of the way.

Cheetah Beaver Scouts Leader

Kate aka “Cheetah” is our Beaver Scout Team Leader

Find out more about how to join our Beaver Team by clicking the button below:

What are Badges and Awards

From your very first day, being a Beaver Scout is all about trying new things and steadily growing strong.

Start with your membership badge and climb all the way up.  You can work towards as many as you like, at your own pace.  And by the time you move on to Cubs, you'll have a whole host of achievements under your belt.

Challenge Awards are all about stepping outside your comfort zone. Try out something you wouldn't normally be interested in.  Take the lead on something that scares you.  Along the way, you'll unlock hidden talents and stand tall.

Challenge Badges Beavers

How do I join Beavers at 6th Lichfield?

There are Scouts all over the world. From the rainy rainforests of the Amazon to the smallest of the Scottish Isles, Beavers are a part of this worldwide Scout family.  Closer to home, at 6th Lichfield they’re also part of their local Scout Group alongside our Squirrels, Cubs and Scouts.


Sounds fun? Yes it is!  Beavers is open to all, and we can usually tweak things to make sure everyone can join in the fun.  Contact us to join our waiting list.

Update, April 2023.

At this time all of our sections are full and we have had to close our waiting lists. Please have a look on the website Find your local Scout Group | Scouts for alternative groups in this area.


What do Beavers wear?

Once you’ve joined Beavers and settled in you’ll be earning lots of brilliant badges and need somewhere to show them off.  This is what our uniform looks like.  We are proud to wear the famous red and white neckerchief and if ever you see this in Lichfield, it is one of our Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Leaders wearing it. 

Beaver Uniform

Find out more about Beavers on the Scouts website

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